156th Birth Anniversary: (09th July 1866) Raja Sir Panaganti Ramarayaningar

Panagal Arasar / Raja of Panagal served as a Chief Minister of Madras 11 July 1921 – 3 December 1926

1. The King of Panagal (Panagal Arasar) provided communal representation in education and employment to non-Brahmins.

2. He gave women the right to vote in Tamil Nadu as early as 1921.

3. He had established a “Students’ Selection Board” in each college for admissions of non-Brahmin students. This board played a pivotal role in instilling the right to education of the Scheduled Castes and Backward Castes.

4. He had formed the Hindu Religious Endowment Board and converted the temples, which were the hunting ground of the Brahmins, for the use of the people.

5. He abolished the rule that medical education aspirants must have known Sanskrit for admission to medical colleges. The Dravidians rose to prominence in medical education only after the abolition of the barbaric rule of Brahmins, which was similar to nowadays NEET exam.

6. He donated his land to build the medical college in Chennai. That college was named Kilpauk Medical College.

7. He abolished the dominance of Brahmins and Britishers in the medical field. He enacted a law for providing medical education to Scheduled Castes and Backward Castes students.

8. Until about 40 years after founding the University of Madras, Tamil was not taught as a subject. In 1927, he expelled the Brahmins responsible for such activity from the University Committee, increased the number of non-Brahmin faculties, and introduced Tamil as a subject.


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