Do you have a clear conscience, Mr. J.P. Nadda?


Greetings to Mr.Jagath Prakash Nadda, the national president of the so-called “world’s largest political organization” Bhartiya Janata Party.

To probe into the death of Ms. Lavanya, a student of the Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School Michaelpatti, near Thirukattupalli, Thanjavur district, 4 member committee headed by Madhya Pradesh MP Sandhya Ray has been constituted by you. 

You have indeed done something that has never been done before by anyone in these 40 years in the history of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

True, no one has ever set up such a “Fact-finding” committee for probing into any such issues before and I congratulate you for the same.

You must be aware of the riot that broke out in the state of Tripura ruled by the BJP in a rally held by Vishwa Hindu Parishad on the 21st of October 2020 and that till date, there has been no news on who was responsible for the havoc.

Mr. Hashmi has filed a PIL in the supreme court seeking an Investigation by a special Investigating team to probe into the issue. It is to be noted that the Tripura government which has been delaying filing its counter for 3 long months, on the 24th of this month has vehemently opposed the petition stating that the “so-called public-spirited” persons were silent when a “larger scale communal violence” occurred in West Bengal in May 2021 after the Bengal State Assembly Elections.India has never witnessed such a weird situation in its history. CBI has so far registered 35 cases in connection with the West Bengal riots and many have been arrested in this case. Moreover, the Home Ministry and the Prime Minister’s office have directly intervened in the matter, and not to forget that your vehicle was also attacked in this connection.

However, neither the Home Ministry nor the Prime Minister intervened In the Tripura Violence case, and on top of it, the state government opposes the setting up of a committee to investigate the issue. Whom is the Tripura government trying to save is a million-dollar question?

Now let me come to the point, It is the same Vishva Hindu Parishad who held the rally in Tripura which resulted in a riot that has blown the death of Lavanya (Tanjore, Tamil Nadu) out of proportion.

No fact-finding committees were set up by you to inquire into the West Bengal riot in which many BJP executives were killed but a committee to enquire about the death of an innocent girl has been set up.

Being a son of a doctor, born and raised in Himachal Pradesh you are unlikely to know the misery and pain of poverty. But my childhood was full of Misery Mr.Nadda. I would be filled with joy if someone gave me a notebook, pen, or pencil. My mother used to work (take care of cleaning chores) in a Ganesha temple situated in the same street where we lived for almost 15 years.

During the festival seasons in the temple, competitions were held and prizes were distributed to the children. Congress, DMK and AIADMK executives from that constituency would distribute geometry boxes, school bags, etc to the children winning the competitions. My sister and I used to get extra pencils since my mother used to work at the temple and our poverty was another reason for getting a few extra goodies. We would use them for the rest of the year. 

The reason why I am saying all this is that none of your party executives have ever done anything to help the children in Tamilnadu for their education.

It is very sad to know that a child born in a small town like Ariyalur, Stayed in a hostel having lost her mother, has now met an untimely end.

Even though the school has been functioning for the welfare of the people for more than 163 years, due actions must be taken If the school administration is at fault and there are no two ways about it. But the video that was recorded on 17th January 2022 using the cell phone was released by the party executive of Vishva Hindu Parishad on 19th of January after the demise of the girl as though they were waiting for the girl to pass away, quite like vultures. 

Later, the Tamil Nadu BJP politicized the issue from a religious angle and blew it out of proportion. It was portrayed that the compulsion to convert was the reason behind the death. People who took control of the parents’ voice allowed them to speak before the media for only a few seconds. The national media gave them ample time to give all the information. I am not going to expose who they are, let the fact-finding team set by you bring it out. 

You are quite aware of the atrocities inflicted on the Muslims threatening them to say Jai Shri Ram. The recent incident of the Tripura riot will speak for it. India in the year 2014, has witnessed  127 attacks against the churches and Christians. Since the time  your party came into power, the crimes against the Christians have been on the increase. Just in the year, 2021 alone, 486 such crimes & incidents against Christians have been reported.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal Which operate as a  parivar of RSS, have staged these attacks. The Christian leaders of Madhya Pradesh have appealed before the President and the Supreme court seeking to take action against Against Vishva Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal who are targeting the minorities publicly.On 7th, January 2022, 50,000 mails were sent to the president on behalf of The Sarva ISAI Mahasabha. On the 10th of January 2022, the Catholic bishops conference of India gave a petition to the Prime Minister and the Home Minister Amit Shah urging them to take action and prevent such atrocities against the minorities. The United Christian front has also sent a letter to the Prime Minister in this regard.

Not sure how many are aware of this? Did any of the Indian media report this? But the media was quite interested in spreading the hate campaign that was initiated by your party people with a malicious intention of accusing the Tabligh Jamaat of spreading corona in India. Ironically, the same  media did not utter a single word about the attack on the Christians.

Being a president of a national party you might be aware that as per the 2021 census, there are 79.8% Hindus,14.2% Muslims and only 2.3% Christians present in India and the BJP Tamil Nadu is in full swing campaigning and propagating that this 2.3% are endangering the nation by compelling people to convert. 

I am really surprised Mr.Nadda! Many of the leading televisions in India have seconded your party’s propaganda that conversion is the cause for the death of Lavanya.

 However, the journalists of Tamilnadu remained silent on the issues because of their previous bitter experiences. Do you want to know what it is? Saint Joseph hospices Home for dying destitute located in Paleswaram village, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu, maintained by Fr. Thomas since 2011 with the aim of improving the quality of life of destitute people who are also terminally ill. A dead resident was transported by them in a van along with two other residents and some vegetables which is undeniably a sin. This issue was brought to light by Tamilnadu BJP which made allegations that the organization practiced organ trade and elderly people were killed for the same. Tamilnadu was in turmoil for the next 10 days. Leaders of every political party received calls and were harassed to give statements on this issue. Consequently, the leaders issued statements that investigations must be conducted to find if the home was involved in the bone trade. Investigations were carried out by the District collector and superintendent of Police and they gave a clean chit to the organization. Permissions were granted to continue the service and it is imperative to remind you that you were the health minister during that time.

A political party trying to politicize an issue is acceptable, but such an act must involve Public Interest and humanity which lacks in every stand taken by your party. That is why none of the parties in Tamil Nadu stood by your party when you tried to politicize Lavanya’s death. On the contrary, they issued statements Condemning the act of Tamil Nadu BJP. But I don’t intend to make such an outrageous accusation against your party because I am glad that the true color of the party got exposed.

In the year 1992 National foundation for communal harmony was established to ensure that the children in India live and grow in a more peaceful and conducive atmosphere with communal harmony and without any caste discrimination. The major activity of the Foundation is to implement programs and projects for assisting in the effective rehabilitation of child victims of communal, caste, ethnic, or terrorist violence which fractured social harmony. The emphasis remains on providing assistance to such children for their education and promoting communal harmony and national integration through various kinds of promotional activities and 3337 children are getting benefited by this. Children belonging to 9 States namely, Assam, Bihar, Manipur, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, and Jammu Kashmir are benefited from this Foundation. It is to be noted that 6 out of 9 states where more child victims of communal and terrorist violence are found are ruled by your party. Let me highlight the fact that not even a single child from Tamil Nadu so far has been affected by any religious riots and that Tamilnadu has provided the most financial assistance to the  National Foundation for Communal Harmony. Respected Mr.  Nadda, in a country with a population of 140 crores, the state of Tamil Nadu which is in the far southern end of the country with a population of 80 million, is a land of peace and harmony. Please kindly let them live. Aren’t they entitled to live a peaceful life? 

Being the president of the ruling party, kindly put an end to all the religious and communal issues instigated by your party. Kindly ensure that the fact-finding committee set up by you publishes its report after completing the inquiry since we cannot expect any sort of fair and honest approach from the Tamil Nadu BJP.

A Fact-finding committee was set up to probe into the mysterious death of Manikandan, a student, from Ramanathapuram district who was arrested by the police for enquiry. Neither the committee  functioned effectively nor submitted its report and I, therefore, reiterate that the Tamil Nadu BJP can not be relied upon since they only try to play with the emotions of people with malicious intention. They have had the most inhuman approach in the Lavanya case and I, therefore, request you to ensure that the reports of the Fact-finding committee are published and the truth is brought to light and ensure justice for the girl.

Being a president of the world’s biggest national party, is it not moral to act human?


 B.R.Aravindakshan is Journalist Prime time Anchor for a news Television from Tamil Nadu

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