Dr Nelson Mandela comment on Dr Ambedkar

Kanimozhi M.V (Writer, Journalist & TV Anchor residing in the United States of America)

December 6 , 2021 was 66th death anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar .

After completing the final manuscript The Buddha and his Dhamma, He who went to sleep on December 6, 1956 failed to wake up leaving thousands of his followers in agony.

Before his death on October 14, 1956 he converted himself to Buddhism thus he fulfilled his wish not to die as an Hindu. All through his life he had worked for the caste annihilation and wished for the betterment of Socially backward.

Though he chaired the making of constitution , he said he will be the first to burn the constitution. He had to say tough words because of the fact majority of people had no political authority and the power was concentrated at the hands of few and more than Democracy only Brahminocracy prevailed.

Dr Ambedkar’s contribution to Social justice and to the upliftment of the oppressed is worthy of emulation said Dr Nelson Mandela former president of South Africa.

All through his life he was fierceful fighter against the injustice in the society , on his anniversary let’s take a pledge that we will fight for caste annihilation and destroy the caste system.

Kanimozhi MV

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