It’s only human to apologize.. isn’t it Sidharth?

Written in Tamil by B.R.Aravindakshan (Journalist) II Translated by Team We Dravidians

Dear Siddharth, Vanakkam

You had apologized in an open letter stating that the humour had no malicious intent, for which so many people from all quarters have been raising a hue and cry.

I feel you rendered your apology with an intent to put an end to the issue that was blown out of proportion and the same was accepted by Saina Nehwal.

Nevertheless, What I don’t understand is why and how this particular post got so viral? “I was surprised to see myself trending on Twitter that day”, said Sania Nehwal !

That’s why I decided to write this letter.

No other actor who has entered the Tamil film industry after 2000 has shown any interest on public issues in India like the way you have done and no one has had the gumption to openly criticize the functioning of the State like the way you have done and that’s what makes you special!

You could have just sat minding your business, but you have been consistently critical on the unfair incidents happening on the Social, Political and Public front. Perhaps, that’s why this kind of political stunt, a diversionary tactic to divert and disguise the truth has been resorted to.

I pity Sania Nehwal. The gullible Saina Nehwal seems to be unaware of the quirks of politicians and the politics of profit. That is why she seems to be amazed on trending on Twitter.

There have been attempts and requests to dig into your old tweets and file a lawsuit against you and I don’t see these attempts subsiding in the near future. They won’t give up so easily.

I would like to recall a few incidents. In the year 2019, on 26th February, an Indian Air Force Mi-17 helicopter crashed in the Budgam, Jammu and Kashmir. Six Air Force officers were killed in the accident. Since the accident occurred during the parliamentary election, the Government did not disclose any information on the accident. The whole incident was covertly buried.

However, on 4th October, 2019, Air Chief Marshal R.K.S. Bhadauria declared that the Mi-17 helicopter, was mistakenly brought down by the Air Force itself with a missile and admitted to the fact that 6 people were killed in the incident . He also did admit that it was a blunder, but did not render his apology.

Nowhere else has the world ever witnessed such an accident. A Government, who kept mum on the accident and kept the people in dark for six months because of the elections, and even worse hasn’t apologized to the people of the country for the same till date.

More than 700 farmers who fought against the three agricultural laws for more than a year at the borders of Delhi lost their lives.

During the time of struggle, the details of how many bottles of water the farmers bought and how much money was spent were gathered by the Central Intelligence Agency. While ironically, the home ministry informs the parliament in writing that the Government did not have any details on the number of casualties (how many farmers died).

After 700 deaths , quoting that it could not make people understand the benefits of the three agricultural laws, the central Government had to repeal the laws, much against their own will.

But more than 700 people died, didn’t they!
Who is to be held responsible for that!

The Government need not apologize , can’t they at least mourn! But even that was not done.
In the State of Nagaland on 5th December 2021 Fourteen tribal men were killed by special forces soldiers. Squashed, as they would do to a cockroach. Did the Central Government express any regret? There was none ..

Imagine what happened during the Pulwama attack!

The whole nation was shedding tears for the fallen soldiers. This was the only issue discussed until the end of the parliamentary election. Ironically and sadly, the rulers again had nothing to say about the loss of innocent lives.
No regrets no remorse, no apologies.

In Tamil Nadu, 13 people were shot dead in Thoothukudi. Talented shooters working for the Tamil Nadu Police aimed and shot a girl named Snolin in her mouth. It is not clear till now on who’s instructions and orders the firing was done . So far, neither the Government nor the police has taken responsibility. Normally, If there is purported bomb blast or attack in any corner of the world, some terrorist organization will take responsibility within 24 hours of the incident.
There have been a number of anti-people incidents and massacres perpetrated by the state machinery in this country. Have you ever witnessed anyone take up responsibility?

Even the deriding honesty that terrorist organizations have, neither the rulers who claim to rule for the people seem to possess nor did the police who claim to slog for the safety and security of the people
This is the reality. The undeniably truth.

I recall one of your (Siddharth ) posts on Twitter, “If you follow the voice of your mind in real life, you must be prepared for the consequences.”

So I hope you are strong enough not to worry about what’s happening around you.
Your Twitter post about Saina Nehwal caused no harm to anyone, no one was killed, no one was subjected to agony or pain nor did your words hurt anyone or cause grief. Yet, you have apologized realizing that someone was perturbed with the post. Nothing wrong.

It’s only human to apologize..
isn’t it Sidharth?


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