M.K.Stalin for Prime Minister of India? An Open Letter to BJP Annamalai


Mr. Annamalai
President, Tamil Nadu unit of
Bharatiya Janata Party,

Kathir R.S.
Dravidiam for India Movement Publication

Subject: your statement , Opinion on Mr.M.K.Stalin becoming the PM of India.


I would like to introduce myself . I am Kathir R.S, the author of the book “Why do we Need MKS as PM of India?”. This book was on display and sale at the Chennai book fair 2022, that went on for 18 days starting 16th of February till 6th of March 2022.

At first, I missed to notice your presence at the book fair, but later I noticed you walking across glaring at the banner that was placed in my stall and entering into a stall that was allocated for The Hindu. Later I also found out that you had gifted a book called “Modi” to a student with your signature.

The minute you crossed my stall I realised that I should have gifted you a book but I avoided doing the same, since I didn’t want it to be misconstrued as political Intent, it should have happened graciously, coincidentally and naturally. Had I noticed you a second earlier, I would surely have invited you into my stall and would have gifted the book with great happiness. Almost a week has passed since then. Ananda Vikatan, today has published your statement on Mr.Mk.Stalin that just because he was born in Gopalapuram, he will not qualify to become the PM of India.

If it is true that you have made such a statement I would like to send this book or come and give it to you in person, if you allow me.

This book wasn’t scribed yesterday, today or anytime recently. It was in the year 2018, when he took charge as DMK president, that I started jotting down my thoughts and started to put them down in 2020 and completed and published the book in 2021, just before the elections. At that time Mr.H.Raja, in an interview stated that Mr.Stalin can never become a CM as per the astrological prediction. Many AIADMK ministers were propagating this with malefice intent.

Like how in the North of India Rahul Gandhi is mocked at by the contemptuous and jocularly refered to as Pappu, your party people has been passing disgusting comments and ridiculing our present CM.

Nevertheless, he has brushed away all the noise and won all the elections and is now being seen by all as the most influential Chief Minister in India today.

I look forward to giving you this book in person or by post with a request that you should read this book as it is necessary for you to know about our Chief Minster, who is on the path to excellence and victory. Through this book, I believe that you would understand his achievements, and also why people are longing to see him as the PM of India and why this book proposes and emphasizes the importance of him becoming the Prime Minister.

With Regards & brotherhood

Kathir R.S

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