The success story of the book launch: Why do we need MKS as PM of India?

Ms.Indhubala Ravanan,(Writer,Activist)

Kathir RS is a man with a vision of taking the Ideology of Dravidam to every nook and corner of the country. With the realisation that this dream of his can come true only when the nation is led by a visionary leader with a strong ideology like MK Stalin, he decided to pen down his thoughts. The result is this delightful book, a grand treat for people across the nation with similar ideology & for people who need enlightenment

 With the realisation that this dream of his can come true only when the nation is led by a visionary leader with a strong ideology like MK Stalin, he decided to pen down his thoughts. The result is this delightful book, a grand treat for people across the nation with similar ideology & for people who need enlightenment.

Kathir took more time than usual to complete this book as this called for extensive research. While the idea germinated in August 2018, he completed the book by April 2021. Prof. Subaveerapandian first published it on the Kindle ebook platform on 1st May right before the 2021 elections. He had planned to publish this book on completion of the 100th day of MKS’ term as CM but it took its due time to get into shape as a paperback.

Now,6 Months after MKS assumed charge of office as CM of Tamil Nadu Kathir R Sukumar successfully launched his book on 23/10/2021.

Kathir, thanked his pillars of strength, his friends like Dr Bruno, Zakir Husain, Dr Safi Sulaiman, Venkatesh Arumugam, Dr Thittakudi Senthil, Arul Prakasam, Krishnamoorthy, Vignesh Anand, Kavitha Ramu IAS, and Vignesh Kumar for making it possible. He also thanked the distinguished guests who made the launch a grand success with their gracious presence and all those who made it for the event and showered their love and support despite their busy schedules.

The event started with Thamizh Thai Vazhthu, followed by “Parai Isai” by Nimirvu Kalaiyagam, where Kathir surprised everyone with his most special Periyar song.

Mr M.M Abdulla & Mr Govi Lenin Inaugurated the 6th-anniversary celebrations of We Dravidians that coincided on the same day by cutting the cake. The group, We Dravidians has been successful in taking the ideology & the suppressed facts to people belonging to different parts of the country in different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi & Bengali.

The main event was teed off with the welcome speech of Mr Arul Prakasham, who started his speech with a song ( kaapu padal ) in praise of Thalapathy Stalin. He also welcomed all guests & the gathering.

This was followed up by the presidential speech of AS Paneerselvam, who said that since he believed in what’s been mentioned in the book i.e the need for decentralization of power and state autonomy and the ability of the CM to achieve the same, he wanted to be there for the release and speak about the book.

Mr Don Ashok then reviewed the book. He started his review with a wonderful punch line, pointing to the petrol price hike and the inefficiency of the union government in handling the issues. This book forces one to ask the question, “why not give power to the capable?”. The author in the book has not sung praises of MKS but has justified his views with irrefutable points backed up by deep research. This book is succinct and to the point and keeps the reader riveted. “It is an inspiring biography of MK Stalin”. Kathir has penned his trust in the leader much before he rose to power when many were demeaning, and undermining the efficiency of the leader Don Ashok stated.

The author has given the task of spreading the importance and need of MKS as a PM to the nation, to all media and followers.

The book was subsequently released by Dr J.Jeyaranjan and received by Aditya Om, a Bollywood Actor and producer, symbolically implying that the ideology has been shared to the northern part of India.

The books were presented to the distinguished guests and the people special to the author.

Govi Lenin noted that the statement by Sanghis that MKS is more dangerous than his father is enough to prove he is going on the right path and is the only eligible person to rule the nation. He also mentioned that the media and his supporters must keep spreading the achievements of the MKS and his government to people which will by itself take him to his place in the centre.

Abi Gowda & Manjunath, comrades from Karnataka, feel proud claiming themselves to be Dravida Kannadigas. Abi Gowda from Mandya district, Karnataka, while speaking said that the hatred for Tamils was instilled in them from childhoods due to Cauvery issue and only later on understanding about dravidam did he realise his mistake. He also mentioned that they started the Dravidian movement in Karnataka and they attempted to meet people from other South Indian states to make their dream come true. He also mentioned that Kathir RS extended his support by publicizing their KGF meeting that was held in Dravidian university with comrades from Tamilnadu, Andhra & Karnataka & Kerala through the channel We Dravidians.

Abi Gowda thanked Kathir for helping in taking this ideology to the next level beyond Tamil Nadu. Abi Gowda finished his speech by saying that the nation needs MKS as PM not just because he belongs to the Dravidian stock or because he is a South Indian but because of his efficiency, his ideologies, the clarity in thoughts and the best policies.

Manjunath, in his speech, emphasized the unity among the brethren & sisters from South Indian states in the name of Dravidiam. He also stated that the dream of having a strong Dravidian land is possible only by unity among we South Indians and only such unity will make the dream of having MKS as PM, come true.

Aditya Om, Bollywood actor and producer, While speaking stated that a party like DMK is much needed in the north of India and people in the north have now become receptive to the Dravidian policies. He also stated that a huge portrait of Thanthai Periyar can be found on the walls of Mayavathi’s office. “Why are you merely content with the South when the whole nation can be yours’ ‘, he asked. If a fake Gujarat model can work, why not a real DMK, Tamil Nadu model. People in the north are looking for genuine parties and politicians grounded deep in the ideology of social justice to guide us.

Dr Kanimozhi NVN.Somu mentioned in her speech that an Antibiotic like MKS is much needed for such an infected society. She reviewed the book and highly appreciated Kathir RS for having put together such a revolutionary forethought. She finished her speech by stating that to overthrow a tyrannical fascist government like BJP we indeed need a strong leader like MKS.

MM. Abdulla, who spoke next, highlighted two beautiful reasons why MKS should be PM of India,  one, India must prosper, second, India must continue to exist. He also emphasized how important and useful the government schemes have proven to be. He justified the same by saying how polio drops given at subsidized rates helped the poor and needy and how people who could afford it have repaid the same in many folds in the form of tax at a later point in time since they were able to live a hale and healthy life and earn enough to pay taxes.

After this, mementoes to commemorate this momentous occasion were distributed.

After that, the event was illuminated by Dr Jeyaranjan’s speech, in reply to the speech of Adithya Om, he said that DMK would only tell and inform what kind of politics will be useful for the people in North India and wouldn’t want to invade. DMK is for development, transformation and empowerment and has been fighting for it for a long time and his leader is a symbol of empowerment. He also said that DMK doesn’t believe in trickle-down kind of politics. He seconded the statement of Senbalan that MKS stood for Dravidam policies and thanked Adithya Om for inviting DMK to North. He requested all the writers to take the truth to people and highlight how rich our policies are. The policies we have allow everyone to be empowered irrespective of caste, creed and gender. He finally finished his speech by saying that for bringing in solidarity and prosperity, the book recommends MKS as the PM of India. Nevertheless, he stated that he is not for giving his leader to the nation since Tamil Nadu needs him more and he is the strength of Tamil Nadu.

Mr Zakir Hussain in his speech requested all the political writers, followers and the media to keep writing the truth and breaking all the fables and false allegations spread by the unethical.

The event came to a close and Kathir RS mentioned what motivated him to write this book and thanked all his friends and family who stood by him.

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