Why I was denied entry inside Hindu temple? : Zakir Hussain Speaks

Zakir Hussain, Noted bharatanatyam dancer from Tamil Nadu who was expelled from the Srirangam( Tamil Nadu) temple,
breaks down ..!

Anyone who believes in God should never be prevented from entering any temple. My request to the The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is to probe into it and do the needful to bring in a minor amendment to the Treasury Act. ‘

Zakir Hussain, a Kalaimamani award-winner, who tried to enter the Srirangam temple in Trichy,was in for a rude shock when he was stopped from entering the temple because he is of Islamic religion.

Zakir Hussain was later admitted in a hospital and was under observation for stress and palpitations .

We approached him wanting to know the fact :-

Bharatanatyam artist Zakir Hussain
Zakir Hussain: One Rangarajan, expelled me out of the temple for me being a muslim and used inappropriate words.

Question: Have you been allowed into the temple before? Because non-Hindus aren’t allowed inside the Srirangam temple?

Zakir Hussain: I have been to the temple several times before. I have staged my dance performances on behalf of the temple.
It is true that there is a board kept saying that non-Hindus should not go inside the temple. But, it does not restrict true devotees. How do you differentiate, recognize who is a Hindu, who is a Christian and who is an Islamist in this great temple?

The dancer who was expelled from the Srirangam temple, broke saying that the almighty Perumal is wearing his Kalaimamani award!

Earlier non-Brahmins were not allowed inside the temple. Later, only upper caste Hindus were allowed. Subsequently, all Hindus were allowed, and such a rule was made so that other religions would not come in with evil intentions and engage in any wrongdoing. Nonetheless it does not restrain a well-intentioned staunch devotee from any other religion to enter.

Even at the Srimushnam Temple near Vriddhachalam, the Muslims are the ones who conduct the temple activities in the forefront. No one stopped me when I went to Tirupati. I have danced , delivered upanyasam at the Andal Temple.

I have auditioned at the Uppiliyappan Temple. I dedicate my Kalaimamani Award to Saranath Perumal and Perumal is still wearing it.

In the eyes of God, there is nothing called Hindu or Muslim. How many Muslim women come to the Andal temple wearing purdah/veil.

Muslims arrived at Tiruvallikeni Parthasarathy Temple during the floods and they were the ones who cleaned the Tiruvallikeni temple when it was flooded and filled with mess.

Did you not know the religion then? Anyone with good intentions and devotion must be allowed to worship the almighty without any hindrance . Then why such a law?

Question: What is your request to the Government of Tamil Nadu and Chief Minister MK Stalin?

Zakir Hussain: The Chief Minister should order that anyone who believes in God should not be barred from entering any temple. My request is to make a small amendment to this in the Treasury Act enabling all to enter the temple.

-by Indhubala Ravanan

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