Women’s bill without OBC Quota? History will never forgive you Modi! -Dilip Mandal

Women Reservation Bill

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister: Urgent Concerns Regarding the Women’s Reservation Bill and OBC Rights

Dear Prime Minister @narendramodi,

If you pass the Women’s Reservation Bill without ensuring the rights of 52% of the OBC women in the country, history will brand you as one of the gravest criminal against social justice.

You will be marked as one who has throttled the OBCs. Eventually, the OBC community will hold you accountable for this offense.

History will not pardon you.

Please refrain from this course of action. Otherwise, the upcoming Lok Sabha in 2024 will witness a significant reduction in the number of OBC MPs.

By engaging in such anti-OBC actions, the Congress party has already sabotaged its own standing. If you believe that the OBCs are naive, your misconception will soon be shattered.

Neglecting the OBCs will come at a high cost for you. A very high cost.

Warm Regards,

A concerned citizen.

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