Kalakshethra: House of Brahmanism

Kalakshethra, one of the elite institutions in the country is a government-run institution.

Only the Upper caste & upper class section of the society used to get to enter there to learn the so called dheivegam natanam ( divine dance).

However, in the past 20 years, the scenario has changed.

We could say that the ratio of fair skinned people dropped down over the dusky & brown students.

Many middle class, MBC, BC, and SC students are seen joining the institution.

Which is indeed not appreciated by many of the admins & alumni.

In Particular, the Central Asian migrants and their slaves don’t approve of it.

They have been bursting their aversion to the students in every possible situation.

Sexual harassment is one such depiction of aversion toward students.

Humiliating the students in the name of their caste and looks and on top of it harassing them sexually has been a casual & regular practice.

Kalakshethra is nothing but a replica of gurukul, where only upper caste people & rarely, affluent people belonging to few other upper castes were allowed. Entry to BC/MBC/SC/ST was a big no.

The gurukulam system was the major factor behind the illiteracy among the people from suppressed castes for centuries.

If not for the British English education system, Gurukul would have continued its dominance over the Poor and the suppressed and the so called Upper caste would have continued to live an extravagant n lavish life enjoying the services of the suppressed, letting them be illiterate forever.

Kathir RS

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