Modi Family in Gujarat: Unknown Facts

Some interesting information about “Modi’s family.!!

  1. Somabhai Modi (75 years old) Retired State Health Department Officer – Presently Head of Gujarat State Staff Selection Commission!
  2. Amirtabhai Modi (72 years old) who used to work in a private factory and is now a big real estate tycoon in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar!
  3. Prahlad Modi (64 years old) owned a ration shop, currently owns Hyundai, Maruti and Honda four wheeler showrooms in Vadodara and Ahmedabad!
  4. Pankaj Modi (58 years old) earlier worked in State Information Department. Today, he is the Vice-Chairman of the State Staff Selection Commission with Soma Bhai.

The above four are Modi’s half-brothers!

  1. Pokhilal Modi (67) once owned a grocery store. Today Pokhilal owns Reliance Malls in Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara.
  2. Arvind Modi (64 years old) formerly a owner of a scrap shop is now contractor supplying steel to real estate and major construction companies…
  3. Bharat Modi (age 55) was working at a petrol pump now he is the owner of Akiras Petrol Pump in Ahmedabad!.
  4. Ashok Modi (age 51) owned a grocery shop. Today he is a partner in Reliance with Pokhilal Modi.!.
  5. Chandrakant Modi (48 years old) used to work as a cowherd in a Goshala . Today he owns nine large milk production centers in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad.!.

All the five mentioned above are Modi’s cousins.

  1. Ramesh Modi (57 years old), who worked as a teacher, today owns 5 schools, 3 engineering colleges, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy colleges and medical colleges.

He is the son of Modi’s uncle.

  1. Bhargava Modi (44 years old) who worked in the State Education Center is now an important shareholder in the companies of Ramesh Modi mentioned above.!.
  2. Bipin Modi (42 years old) worked in Ahmedabad Library. Today Bipin a key player in a book publishing company that provides school books from LKG to XII !

The above two are the children of Prime Minister Modi’s younger uncle, Jayantilal Modi.!.

Such is the dishonesty of the media. They have remained are still continuing to remain silent about the wealth of Modi’s relatives.

They have been deceiving people by reporting that the brother of Modi travels in an auto. Whereas they are all millionaires and some are billionaires.

Times have changed. “Social media” will surely reveal what the ‘media’ has been trying to hide..!

Kundrathu Murugaraj

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