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Special Article on Tamil Nadu Budget 23

What Kalaignar  accomplished  those days is getting  achieved these days.There is  a little  difference in the situation

When Kalaignar stepped  in he had to face a feeble financial  position only whereas when Stalin assumed office a duel demons   were hovering  over him,one the usual financial deficit and the other one the unprecedented havoc called Covid 19.

Here came the master stoke of the Chief  Minister appointing  the vibrant PTRP to encounter the situation. True to expectation  of the CM the magnes opera of PTRP  began to role.

What our FM started two years ago began to yield good  results.

The fabulous budget of PTRP carries many a laurel

The first  laudable and the foremost  feature  of this budget is the increase in revenue.

The total revenue  receipts  stood as 2,07,492 crores in 2021-22 and 2,45,660 in 2022-23  an increase of 38,168 crores.

The words of Adam Smith go like this”…that each time a deficit  occurs,it leads to future deficits….it also leads to larger tax increases that would have been necessary to balance the budget initially “

Had Adam  Smith  been alive today he would have been  envious on our FM who defied the rule of Adam Smith.

It is  purely  through  money management  and hidden  austerity  without  wasting  single paise of the people’s  money and without taxing P.T.R.P. has  curtailed the deficit and enhanced the revenue.This speaks  immensely  great of  our F.M. who acts in accordance  with the direction  of our Dravidian  model  C.M

The next cardinal  statistics  derived from this budget is Gross  State Domestic Product( GSDP) estimated  to have grown around  14% which is far ahead of other states .

Then the way the budget allocates  funds  in a meticulously  planned way to various  sectors is something a lesson for the states and  the centre to follow. 

Circling on the axis of social justice the budget takes care of women,downtrodden,industries,education,infrastructure  ,agriculture and  what not!

John Eliott Cairnes said to be the” last of the classical economists ” says ” When you give money in the hands of poor, the economy will multiply “

That’s  what the masterstroke of  Rs.1000 ‘ urimai thogai’ monthly for the  deserving women.

This step  to revolutionize  the lives of women and will indirectly boost the economical activities of the states,courtesy to the words  of Cairnes!

This single announcement stunned the critics who were after the blood  of Stalin  for the slight delay  in the implementation  of the manifesto .

Those baiters easily forgot that their parties ‘poll promises were blown out in the wind long back

Another difference between DMK and its predecessor is, DMK does not merely announce a scheme without allocation of fund as it happened under the rule 110 in the past.

DMK allots fund for the implementation of every  of their scheme.

Right earnestly

Rs.7000 crores  is allotted to cover  minimum 80 lakh women from September  onwards foe their Urimau Thogai Scheme

Then follows an array of benefits bestowed upon women  besides free travel  in the bus, Rs 1000 for the govt school girls to purse  their college education and now Rs.30,000 crores as loan for women SHG.This govt.considers women’s  participation  is important to achieve 1 trillion economy by 2030.

To achieve this goal another step taken is establishing ’Startup Mission ‘ exclusively  for women. This will be a boon to women entrepreneurs. 

For SC/ ST also there is a Startup fund for 50 crores an increase by 20 crores of last  year.

The institutions run by other departments for SC/ST come under School Education Department to improve the quality of education.

The salient feature of this budget is   allotment of fund for the all-round growth of state under many heads and that is an amazing factor.

Chief Minster’s Breakfast Scheme a novel feat  first of its kind in India is  extended to 39,122 govt schools benefitting 18 lakh children  This is an integral part of social justice concept to encourage the education of have nots,!

In the industrial front 100 crores allotted for next year’s Global Invesor Meet to attract foreign funds, new industrial parks at Virudunagar ,Vellore,Kallakurichi and Coimbatore districts.

50 most  backward areas identified  and project worth Rs 5 crores  .

Global Sports  City near Chennai, for health dept. 19,420 crores  660 cr more than last year, multi speciality hospital at Guindy to be named after Kalaignar to be opened soon ,metro for  Kovai  and Madurai with allotments of 9000 crores and 8500 crores  respectively, Semmizhi park for Kovai  ,Chola Museum at Thanjavur   Phase II of Hogenakkal drinking water schene with with  7,145 crores

All these speak voluminously and astonishingly about  the  budget of this Dravidian  Model govt

In the electricity front the most cheerful news is reducing the loss for TANGEDCO from11,955 crores to 7,825 crore and plan to double the  electricity capacity by adding 33,000 MW.by 2030 with the implementation of 11 new projects.

Another revolutionary scheme is Rs7,500 for civil service preliminary participants and Rs 25,000 for those who cleared the preliminary. Tech Cities  in Chennai ,Coimbatore and Hosur.The tech city will have centre’s of excellence  innovation plazas,convention centre’s….all to boost  the activities

One more master stroke of the budget  is reducing the registration  fee of land by 2% and increasing the guideline value  of the land.

In brief ,this  budget stands as an epitome  of engraving the words of Stalin ‘Every thing for  everybody ‘

All these performed with none too cooperation  of the union govt.  

When we chart out how the state govt gets one rupee,the astonishing  factor  is the share of central govt in the  form sharing tax and subsidy is only 17 paise.

The remaining 83  paise are accumulated by the state from its own resource.

Another starling factor is Tamilnadu stands to lose 20,000 crores a year as the Union Government  declines to extend the GST compensation period beyond June 30 last year

This is some thing horrible and unacceptable.

The so called  champions  of the so called  Tamil Nationalism  will not utter a single word against this utter blunder!

U.P. is three times popolated as Tamil Nadu.

We pay GST  4 times   more  than  U.P. but gets only one fourth of what  we pay  GST  to the centre.

What an irony.!

Within the limited source of income and with enormous skill in financial management , with sharp temperamental attitude towards social justice ,with an eye on the status of equality and exhibiting the burning desire of  our CM  imparting everything for everybody

TN  tables the budget in the assembly  attaining the thundering acclaim of  the well wishers of the state

We cannot but give a sigh to note the words of Sanyat Sen, a noted economist who says

TN would have been  12 th country  in the world  had it been an independent  status


This budget a roll model to follow which the political opponents were not able to swallow!

Written by C.A.Rajan M.A.

Resource Person in English, Author of A guide to grammar&Needhi Katchi to Dravida Model (Tamil)

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