Ratan Tata accepts South African reservation in private sector,But not in India!-General Secretary : AIOBC Federation

Compiled by Sundar Parthasarathy

Thiru Karunanidhi G, General Secretary, AIOBC Federation participated in a Club House discussion yesterday and shared his views on reservation in private sector:

Reservation in private sector is not new to Tamilnadu. Communal GO during the rule of Justice Party ensured 100% reservation, including Brahmins, when there is no reservation elsewhere in the whole country.Railways and Imperial Bank(later SBI) were private organizations, which had to follow the reservations introduced in 1935 until 1947.Reservation in private was attempted in Maharashtra, but was not able to pursue further successfully.

Liberalization Privatization Globalization takes govt out of public sector companies and moves towards privatization.Do we have rights to ask for reservation on an organization for which capital is from a private owner?

Any private organization needs support from government. They get aid from banks, which is a public fund. Hence, private organizations should have social responsibility, not only as namesake on a few welfare programs towards general public, but also for ensuring social justice. Such reservation should be asked by all organizations to the union government. America is an example. It is a private economy.

Affirmative action is implemented in America ensuring representation of the suppressed and the minorities.NASA has a special department for monitoring and providing opportunities for African Americans. A white student confronts selection of a candidate for a university admission based on reservation. Court confirmed the admission stating this is a way to eliminate racist discrepancies.

Microsoft impleaded in to the case and welcomed the admission. Minority diversity recruitment is a policy with Microsoft. Reason is that the organization to reflect the representations in the society.Recruitment by non-discrimination is a policy in America.

They monitor the opportunities obtained by suppressed. Government purchases materials from suppressed classes at least 5%.American society of newspapers and editors passed a resolution in 1968 that all sectors should have representation in the association.

Some of the Fortune 500 companies have included the suppressed in their management board. 15% at IBM and 19% in GM. Harvard university has 11.7% non medical teachers, 13.67% professors, 37% trainees who belongs to the suppressed community.

South Africa has policy of foreign companies entering to carry out business in their country. Reservation should be given to the suppressed communities in their management board.

When it comes to India, Ratan Tata comments, “If reservation has to be carried, why not Government of India implement in defense instead of private organizations?”. But he had accepted the same from South Africa and have established his business there.

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