Stalin says goodbye to film stars from politics?

Thiru.Munirathinam Sundaramoorthy A Scientist and Dravidian Ideologist living in the United States sharing his views of Stalin’s massive victory.

Congratulations to DMK Chief M.K.Stalin for leading his party and coalition to a thumping victory in the Tamilnadu Assembly elections 2021. Couple of weeks back, I have compared his political journey to that of US President Joe Biden. Like Biden’s victory, Stalin’s victory is also historic. I also predict that Stalin will be a transformational Chief Minister of Tamilnadu like Joe Biden is projected to be transformational President of the US since Ronald Reagan.

Stalin has been laser focused during the campaign in 2021 as he was during the 2019 Parliament elections. He established himself as a leader of the new generation with two consecutive victories, shutting the mouths of doubting critics. After the deaths of former Chief Ministers J. Jayalalitha and M. Karunanidhi, political pundits and media created a narrative that there was a vacuum in state politics. Similarly, the same elite media have created and perpetuated a myth for a long time that a background in the movie industry is essential to succeed in Tamilnadu politics.

These myths were used to entice a reluctant movie star Rajnikanth into politics. And another retired movie star Kamal Hasan entered politics on his own without invitation believing in the same myths. Neither of them have any experience or new ideas to venture into politics.The Chief Minister-elect Stalin and the outgoing Edappadi Palanisamy shattered these twin myths to establish themselves as leaders of the two major Dravidian parties.Among several things I admire in Stalin is that he didn’t give undue importance to the Tamil film industry. To my knowledge, none of his party’s and coalition’s candidates was from film background.

I wish he will continue to keep the sycophants from the movie and media industries at a distance and stay focused on good governance. Providing an efficient, corruption free and people oriented administration will carry him a long way, not sycophancy of the elite. His father was notorious in pampering the sycophants from the film industry and enjoyed their worthless eulogies, which he knew would evaporate as soon as he lost power. Nevertheless, he kept repeating that same mistake.

I am also glad that everyone of the retired movie stars fielded by other parties or contested on their own lost the elections this time.It is time that the media stop speculating and running fake headlines on which movie star will enter politics next, distracting people from real issues.

Film, like religion, is another opium. Film, like religion, should not mix with the politics.Let film flourish as an art form and movie making thrive as an industry. Let politics chart its own course independent of the movie industry.

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