Why we are for ever Indebted to Dravidian parties especially DMK and what does DMK did In our lives?

Why we are for ever Indebted to Dravidian parties especially DMK and what does DMK did In our lives?

In late 90s and early 2000 there was a maid named as Vasu amma worked in our as a domestic help.

The reason that she worked as a maid is she lost her drunkard husband and at any cost she wants to upbring her 2 sons who is 10 years and 7 years old then.

And she did it with all her might by working in around 5 to 6 houses as domestic help.

And now her  1 Son becomes a doctor and practicing in Chidambaram,and 1 become as Marine engineer and now travelling all over in the ship.

All there education till 12th standard is completely free and they also finished Their graduation with OBC reservation along with Merit and scholarship as they are bright in their studies.

The same Vasu Amma who used to stay in 12*12 line house with a common bathroom for 7 to 8 households  is now owning a 3 bedroom bungalow in a posh area in her locality.

How it happened?

The elites will straight away answer it’s because of their talent.

Of course they are right.Its only because of their talent if they aren’t talented they wouldn’t have travelled this far.


How many of them get stage to show case their talent?There are so many goes down the hill because there is no scope for them to showcase their talent.

This is where a party like DMK plays the huge role in the name of reservation and scholarship by setting this kinda people a stage where they can come up in life.

DMK pioneered OBC reservation out of which so many downtrodden people benefitted.The free bus pass given by Dr.kalaignar was the masterstroke which helped so many people who couldn’t afford daily bus cost to go to school.

Even ADMK to a certain extent made sure that all this social justice schemes are intact by providing free laptops and Bicycles.

And to this to continue and carry forward to our Next generation the only hope is DMK.

This post is clearly not to glorify DMK or Dravidian parties as I don’t have any personal benefit what so ever out of this post  but all I want is my next generation to get the benefit which our generation got. Hence sharing this.

Think Twice!!!Think Wise!!!

Tomorrow is ours❤️🖤

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