America’s Undercover operation!! India in trouble?

Sen Balan

#NikhilGupta a 52 year old man who is linked to international arms smuggling and drug trafficking gangs connected to lot of criminal cases in Gujarat.

He was contacted by an Indian government official who asked for his help in killing a man of Indian origin in America.

Nikhil Gupta asks a criminal in America to arrange a mercenary murderer for him.  He also arranges a Hitman for Nikhil Gupta.  One lakh US dollars is being negotiated as a reward for the murder plan.

Nikhil Gupta and the Indian government official agreed to pay 15,000 US dollars as advance.

When all is going well, Nikhil Gupta asks the Indian government official to drop the criminal cases against him in Gujarat in exchange for this help.  To which the Indian officer says that he has spoken to his “boss” and all the cases put against him have been dismissed.

They planned to kill a Sikh of Indian origin in America. But he is an American citizen.

Recently, Hardeep Singh, a Sikh from Canada, was shot dead by some people in Canada was captured in video.

Nikhil, who sent the above video to the American mercenaries and explained that he wants the Indian American also to be killed in the same way. 

The otherside, An Indian government official sends a message to Nikhil Gupta that we have similar targets in New York and California too.

The IP address of the computer from which the message was sent was a government agency in Delhi.

The Indian official urges speedy completion of the Murder plan.

But the American dealer demands more money to rush the operation.He demands 1,50,000 dollars &  25,000 should be an advance payment.

The Indian government official sends another 15,000 dollars to the American dealer through his source in the United States.

Now, there is a twist that surpasses Hollywood movies. 

All American dealers involved in this murder deal were undercover agents of the American police.

They have collected all evidence like calls, messages, video taken while giving money etc.

Nikhil Gupta was lured to the Czech Republic and arrested there.  All of them, including the Indian government official who was his accomplice, have now been charged.

Killing a citizen of one country in that country is tantamount to incendiary or waging war.  This case has become the biggest headache for India internationally.  The Canadian government has already made the same accusation against India recently.

Usually, if there is a problem like this, the embassy officials will talk to each other and amicably settle it. 

US Department of Justice indictment PDF link

But this time the US government has put everything in the public domain.  The next plan of action of US police is unknown.

Written in Tamil by Senbalan
Translated by Kathir RS

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