Why did India Lose?|World Cup & Jai Shree Ram – Kathir RS

Kathir RS

We have seen so many worldcup matches in the past.Every time Indians were together supporting the Indian team without any differences like state,religion, language,age,sex etc

But this is the 1st cricket world cup where people of India are divided into 2 teams.The fullest credit goes to BJP & its supporters who added religious politics in the game.

Since when Jai sha became the president of the board,Indian cricket started converting from blue to saffron.The world cup match is the peak of this religious propaganda.

People,especially the Ahmadabad audience were chanting JaiShriram in the cricket ground.They used it against a Pakistan player.

The BJP party and its political interest in converting the entire cricket support into their benefit was visible in every move they made.

Most Indians didn’t like it.

People started realizing that if India wins the entire credit of the victory will be claimed by the BJP party. This will be used as a strong tool for their campaign!

As a result most Indians didn’t want India to win the cup.because they know this victory will bring No good to the country.

The most unfortunate thing is the players were used as pawn for their political game.

Well..let’s get into the game!!

Team India played well..

In fact, They played as a complete & unbreakable team till the semi finals.

But in finals its a big No!

They have underestimated Ozs!
Losing the toss is ok..

But losing the match not ok at all for a team like India..!

Let’s discount Gill & Iyer

Sharma played an over confident shot!
As a captain it was unnecessary!

The strategy of making singles went wrong.. Almost the last 40 overs only 4 boundaries scored & zero 6s.

Out 4 boundaries 2 was by Shami& Siraj. One by Rahul the other one by Surya.

Virat’s dismissal was unfortunate! He had never attempted to play big shots because of the pressure. But few big shots would have helped the team & himself too..

Rahul did his job well..no complaints as a batsman except eating most balls of the innings.But again it was his game under pressure.

Suryakumar is a batsman..very sad to accept it..because of the shots he played & the shot he got out! Terrible shots..

The next big blunder happened in fielding… It’s almost a century old issue for Indians I guess.very poor fielding..

No catch was taken with extra effort. In fact they missed a few catches.

Shubman gill waste man standing in the mid off missed a catch which was a few meters close to him. He never walked towards it.He had given up without any effort.

Whereas check rohit catch taken by Aus player.. He was running backward to realize the catch.

There are lots of things I can list like this..

Aus is a complete team..they have had plan A,B,C etc..which is very aggressive. They had a perfect strategy for each player.

The match went as per their plan. Because it was identical with the match they played with  SA in the semis.We scored a few more runs..That’s all.

No doubt they are the match winners.. 6 WC wouldn’t have come otherwise..!

But our team will remain like this only ..because it’s our culture. When we get a captain like Kapil& Dhoni their special skills added up to the team which had helped us to get the world cup! But as Indians we have not learned the secret of success is just hard work till date.That’s why we fall for Poojas, Luck & all other stupidities.

But Australia is not like that..They just believe in themselves.

“it is easy for any to lead the Australia team” as told by Ricky Pointing once! Because everyone does their work assigned without adding any emotion!

Our best wishes to them.. The six times world champions!!

Best Wishes for next time Team India!

– Kathir RS


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