DMK should learn from BJP & ADMK!

Lessons from Cyclone Michaung

Finding faults, putting blame, rebelling against the government..All can happen only when DMK rules.

But these poor DMK guys work round the clock on the field no matter if there is a flood,rain,cyclone,pandemic or any natural or man made calamities…unlike other parties in India.

They must learn how to stay happy whatever happens in the country like BJP & AIADMK

Stay indoors & enjoy during rain

Travel in a helicopter/ special van to visit people during floods.

Go for election campaign when curfew & communal violence happens and people die.

Stay indoors and don’t talk to the press when violence happens across the country and women are humiliated, raped & killed

Watch cricket when workers stuck in mines

Watch TV when people shot dead by police

Gather & Distribute money during elections.

Do Rowdism.. Encourage gundagiri..
Add criminals to the party.

DMK must learn how to do politics like the above from BJP & AIADMK!


Why did they send all ministers,MLA& Mayor on the field when it was heavily raining & people were suffering?

They could have waited for at least 2 days to see sunshine.

Then they could have asked some corporation workers to attend them.

After a week or month they could give a report that everything is ok..

What big could have happened?

The dogs who are barking will bark anyway..

During elections just do a fancy campaign & pour money on road shows..Learn to fix EVM like our national party. Win easily.


Why..go on the road in the peak of them..feed them..settle them?

They know how to take care of themselves.. They don’t need or deserve any ministers to attend them..a corporation worker is enough.

Especially the apartment & villa elites..
They will manage themselves or Modi ji will send a plane for them.

So Dear DMKians

Stay TV & relax!

Things will be ok on their own..didnt you see it in Gujarat,Manipur,Uttar Pradesh etc..?

So learn how to do politics from the Biggies..🙏

Kathir RS

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