The panic situation in covid 19…


The panic situation in covid 19 management can be controlled by

A)Government taking over admission and discharge of patients in all hospitals including private hospitals and an exclusive team to handle this activity.

😎 Recruit doctors permanently and temporarily for 90 days where they get 20 marks in PG entrance along with their pay if they complete 90 days in covid ward.Several thousand doctors preparing for PG are unutilised.

C)Recruit a huge army of para medical personnel and expand the bed capacity to three times the current level in all government hospitals

D)Employ all retired doctors and doctors having co-morbid conditions for management of home quarantine patients via whatsapp and video consultations.90 percent of the COVID 19 patients can be managed under home quarantine

E) Start using armed forces and paramilitary forces  to augment the medical supplies and delivery of medicines , transportation of patients from home to hospital and vice-versa as most have been vaccinated twice

F) Open transparent numbers on positive patients by RT-PCR/CT chest and number of dead , number of patients who are on oxygen to plan and provide the essential supplies .The number of patients and the panic are grossly disproportionate

G)Create a team of volunteers from the vaccinated and COVID 19 positive recovered group to help in burial/cremation and avoid any hardships to the families who have lost their near and dear at least in performing the last rites

H) Start selling the rashtrapati bhavans,raj bhavans, several thousands of acres in all metros with railways, armed forces  to generate lakhs of crores and not the public sector companies/Railways.The former will fetch immediate money

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