Legal proceedings against Actor DANUSHH?

#Legal proceedings against Actor #DANUSHH?


Actor Danush’s Latest Tamil Movie named #Karnan released in theaters last week has ignited a strong Political controversy for  documenting the year “1997”

The Script of the movie is based on true incidents of Kodiyankulam which is located in the south tamilnadu.

The incident actually happened in 1995.

The issue here is that the year 1997 symbolizing & directly attacking the DMK government which was in power during 1996-2000.

But the fact is that the actual incident happened during the ADMK govt(1992-1996) in which a particular caste hegemony arose in Tamilnadu.

Looks like the Producer Director and The Actor all had the fear of mentioning the actual year since ADMK government is in power right now in Tamilnadu.

Surprisingly, most of the DMK leaders appreciated the movie including the former Mayor of Chennai MaSu and DMK youth wing Secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin.

Udhayanidhi met the makers of the movie after the show and asked them to change the year since it is wrongly documented.Later he had tweeted that they would change the year in 2days as the film team promised.

Today they have made the changes as “in the Late 90s” which is again targeting the DMK rule.

DMK supporters in the social media are criticizing this as a Sangi Behavior of the makers.

Looks like this will go on legal proceedings against the Director and the Producer & Actor #Danush.

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