Principles of indian democracy

The biggest Democracy turning into Biggest Flawed Democracy ❗️

In the 15 years of World Democracy Index India is in the lowest position of all times.

In 2006 India was among the Top 50 countries which support Democracy and ruled by Democratic govt but now We are out of that 50.

In 2014 India was at the edge of becoming Full Democracy but from 2016 onwards India was falling in the table of Democracy.

After each year the value, depth, power, etc of Democracy is decreasing in India according to this report.

Till 2017 our lowest position was 40 but presently we are at the lowest position of all times.

According to the reports in 2006

Electoral process : 7.68

Functioning of government : 9.58

Political participation : 8.21

Political  culture : 5.56

Civil liberties :  5.63

In 2020

Electoral process : 8.67

Functioning of government : 7.74

Political participation : 6.67

Political  culture : 5

Civil liberties :  5.59

Only the electoral process was increased in India all other Dimensions of Politics in India is decreasing. How ?

Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic  India ❗️



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