BJP aka Hindutva Terrorist Kills 3 Innocent Muslims & a RPF officer! – WengersFan

Todays Hindutva terrorist attack on innocent Indians on a train is just the tip of an iceberg .

An RPF Jawan goes on a killing spree

He either killed his superior officer out of professional rivalry and went on a killing spree killing 3 innocent men who were Muslims by religion . He then stands over their bodies and refers to importance of voting for Yogi and Modi for some reason . He may have committed this crime because he knows he will be celebrated by Communal scums of the Sangh for killing Muslims . He also knew that killing these innocent Muslims will give it  a communal angle so he will get help from Rabid Sanghis and it Will help him hide the killing of his superior .

The other angle would be he killed innocent Muslims driven by hate and killed his boss who tried to stop him ..

What ever is the motive of the shootings , there are some scary facts we need to ascertain.

1. Life of a Muslim/ Minority / Dalit has no value in India these days . A Muslim can face his death any day any time from Hindutva goons emboldened by the lawlessness in BJPEE ruled states .

2. Hatred has become deeply engraved into the society , so much that people are ready to kill other human beings for following a different religion / caste based on rumours or fake news .

3. The Hatred / fake news campaign against christians and Muslims unleashed by the rabid scumbags of the BJPEE IT cell and its communal leaders has filled a section of the Indian population with so much hatred against the minorities that these killings / lynching has become a norm .

4. The minority hatred campaign on the behest of the BJPEE by the National media both Hindi and English has created a brainwashed  mob thirsty of minority blood in India .

5. There we’re some prominent BJPEE leaders why openly shouted anti Muslim slogans “Gooli Maaro Saalonko” which translates to shoot the scoundrels (Referring to Muslim ) . Well their hate campaign has drawn first blood .

6. As we speak ,the right wing scoundrels and the media houses are claiming the terrorist involved in the train shooting was mentally ill 濫 This layer of protection offered by the right wingers for people who commit hate crimes is the reason more scums get emboldened to commit haw crimes . I hope the same right wing fellas answer why a mentally ill mass shooter refers the importance of voting for Yogi or Modi 路‍♂️

The bottom line is whole of Indias social and secular fabric has been destroyed by the hate factory of the BJPEE .

We have Manipur , Haryana today and this terrorist attack on the train ! Scary days ahead …

Hope the courts step in and provide a layer of protection for the innocent citizens of India who are being subjected to extreme hate crimes ….

RIP to the innocent victims of the Terrorist shooting on the train …

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