BJP Minister Nirmala is a Liar: Establishes Singer Chinmayi

Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharaman mentioned in the parliament that DMK didn’t allow people to study Hindi & Sanskrit in Tamil Nadu

This statement earned her a lot of negative comments from people of TamilNadu including celebrity film singers like Chinmayi.

A Professor from Tamil Nadu also had written the facts and her own experience.

The other day she raised unparliamentary comment on Jayalalitha the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu. The minutes of the assembly did not record such an incident and later the same has been discussed off line by many of her party members and confirmed that no such incident ever happened.

So it’s another lie.

Find below detailed statements from Singer Chinmayi

One can learn whichever language they wish to in Chennai / Tamilnadu.

There is actual data to establish that the highest number of Hindi learners are in TN (Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha) and have only increased year on year; with substantial number of toppers coming from Tamilnadu.

I learned Telugu, Hindi as second languages and Sanskrit; even German and French whilst studying in Chennai. My first cousin spoke Badaga and Tulu along with Tamil and Hindi.

The Madras Sanskrit College has been in existence since 1906.
Sanskrit is a fairly tough language for many even if one has the proclivity to pick up languages with ease; Hindi native speakers from my class found it tough as well; mugging through Raamaha Raamau Raamaahaa.

If there’s a deterrent for people who have learned Hindi as a 2nd / 3rd language to speak it – it is because of the ridicule and shaming they face due to the (usually South Indian) mother tongue influence on an additional language.

Historically the agitation had a very real reason and it is best for all of us to educate ourselves on why.

Why cant people speak what they want, Eat what they want.
Worship whomsoever they want or not?

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